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Reca-Pastor in the final phase of the French Padel Championship

The participation of the players from the Monte-Carlo International Sports team, Fabrice Pastor and Gaby Reca, in the Interregional phase of the French Padel Championship, finished with two victories and one defeat, result that qualifies [...]

Reca-Pastor compete to pass to the final phase of the French Championship

This weekend will take place the interregional qualifying phase for the French Padel Championship with the participation of Monte-Carlo International Sports players: Gaby Reca and Fabrice Pastor. After passing the regional phase of the Côte [...]

Juani Mieres wants to return to the top

Who used to be known as "The Prince" of the worldwide padel, after staying for six seasons as a member of the second best couple in the world, wants to return to the top. Juani [...]