Final curtain call for the International Padel Tour

Final curtain call for the International Padel Tour

Five years ago Monte Carlo International Sports was born. The entrepreneur Fabrice Pastor envisioned to develop Padel. Among his numerous successes, the significant milestone was the organization for the first time of a Master in the heart of Monaco, famous for hosting major international sport competitions.

As if this were not enough, the ambitious Fabrice Pastor Cup project arose. Located in South America, the circuit aimed at launching young talents careers into the international Padel scene. Franco Stupaczuk, Federico Chingotto, Juan Tello, Lucas Campagnolo, Lucas Bergamini, Martín Di Nenno, Javier Valdés… names well known by everyone now and well exported in Europe, are talents promoted and supported by Monte Carlo International Sports.

The last few months have seen the Monte Carlo International Sports team building and presenting the project known today as International Padel Tour. Better conditions for the players and improvement of the practice in general, were the major evolving points amongst the series of changes projected by the MCIS team. Now 90 days after the first introduction of the project to the players in Valencia, we are under the obligation to communicate officially the discontinuation of the project International Padel Tour, and therefore of any activity related to Padel and Monte Carlo International Sports.

The great challenge of Monte Carlo International Sports, together with professionals from the world of Padel, was to create an alternative circuit opening the door to more freedom for the players and expending this sport at a global level.

A different format, more open, unlimited, with indisputable improvements from an economic point of view as well as the professionalization of the sport, supported by the federations, international brands, including all stakeholders, in making this sport a better place for everyone.

In its project, Monte Carlo International Sports anticipated to rely on the best players from the current ranking. Even though this target has not been achieved, the ambition was to attract 150 players currently competing, and expending to an additional 100 players.

The youngest players saw in the International Padel Tour, a window open onto the world and the opportunity to take part in the global expansion of the sport. We would like to thank our players, our team MCIS, for supporting this initiative, and all the other professionals with whom we worked continuously in the past few months.

Behind the disappointment, betrayals and continuous lies, Fabrice Pastor has kept his word and will stop investing his time, funds and stop any activity related to Padel.

We are sorry and would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to the national and international brands who believed in this project, to the promoters who trusted our ambition to develop Padel. We also extend our sincere thanks to all the presidents of the Padel Federations around the world, Padel Associations, with whom we will no longer be keep working on the various projects initiated. And this is how the story ends.

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