“The padel needs people madly in love with this sport”

“The padel needs people madly in love with this sport”

Arena Entrena Padel and Monte-Carlo International Sports join forces to create two padel teams (men and women category), to win the Spanish Team Championship in 2017. The official presentation of this alliance will be held on November the 25th in Pamplona in the headquarters of Arena Entrena Padel. This union has been possible thanks to the passion for this sport of its two promoters: Jose Luis Jiménez (Entrena Padel) and Fabrice Pastor (Monte-Carlo International Sports).

“We are two brands with the same desire to work for the padel,” says Jiménez. “The link with Monte-Carlo International Sports (MCIS) arrived unexpectedly, we met along the way, I had a very good conversation with Fabrice and we started it. We will work together to grow this union. “

Born in Pamplona 42 years ago, José Luis Jiménez is the current president and CEO of INGSA group and had his first contact with the padel in 2005. “When I stopped playing the Pelota Vasca in modality with racket, I was invited one day to play padel to test and from that day I’m addicted to this sport”, says the Spanish entrepreneur.

But it was not until 2008, he started his business in the padel. “After three years of playing I decided to create an indoor club that has become a reference in Spain and in the world of padel, because I saw that most of the padel facilities did not met the needs of the game.”

It was at that moment that Jose Luis Jiménez with his brother and a friend set up Entrena Padel. “We opened in November 2009 and we transfered the exploitation in 2014. We are happy because it is a reference installation both for professional players and for amateurs. At this time I met Fernando Belasteguin and Miguel Sciorilli, his trainer, in an event organized for the opening of the club, and we got along well since the beginning. “

“After a year of activity at the club, it was time to think of the sports part and so we decided to try to form the best team in Spain. It was serious work, constant and rigorous, where we counted all the time with the best professionals”, says Jiménez.

“Before I mentioned Bela and Sciorilli, and I want to thank them publicly because they believed in a project that was born on a white page, where there was nothing but the thrill to arrive to our goal. Nowadays Bela is the reference from our team and Sciorilli is the reference from our school”.

Jiménez is delighted to share this project with Fabrice Pastor: “We appreciate his great contribution to the development of the padel, working in a professional and altruistic way; think this sentence summarizes the work of Fabrice and MCIS for padel. He works for the development of padel in all areas. We need people “madly in love” with the sport like Fabrice Pastor, to contribute to its development. I tell you an anecdote that sums up his work. When I came back from Monaco I travelled with Juan Tello and Fede Chingotto, two young people from the Fabrice Pastor Cup and two young promises of the padel. They are playing the World Padel Tour now. Without initiatives like this, it would be unthinkable for them to play in the professional circuit, and they were able to play several stages.”

The entrepreneur analyzes the current situation of the padel in Spain with a clear diagnosis: “Currently, the padel amateur is very fragmented and the professional padel lacks things to really professionalize it. It is a young sport, with no history, compared to other sports, but in Spain it is among the most practiced sports at the amateur level. The problem is that padel has currently a lack of a solid base on which to develop. I am convinced that this is the sport with more growth potential in Europe in the coming years, but it lacks organizational structures with a line of work that allows to introduce it in different countries.”

Jiménez believes that the padel needs “of a steady circuit, serious and able to sell the padel as a sport. It would be interesting to promote actions with the tennis to help the growth of the padel, although there are risks. The amateur tennis player is interested in professional tennis, but that does not occur in the padel and that should be modified. Stronger structures should be created with a common line and an ambitious work at the amateur level, and I talk about all the federations from all areas, both local, national and international This is something that does not happen and we should know why, the circuit must complete to become more professional; a circuit with steps and fixed dates as in other sports circuits. Not many, but high quality … that’s the goal. “

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