Campus-Brea upline

Campus-Brea upline

They are not usual partners in Argentinean tournaments, but Silvana Campus and Delfina Brea came together to jump into the World Padel Tour circuit. Both players, sponsored by Monte-Carlo International Sports, have now landed in Monaco to try to qualify for the main draw of the Monte-Carlo Master Padel.

This mixture of experience and youth has worked out. They have suffered in the qualifications from their first tournaments, but they are already on the good way and will play against the best players in the professional circuit.

Delfina Brea: From the organization to the court

She has the padel in her blood, her name betrays her. Delfina is the youngest daughter of Nito Brea. During the first edition of Monte-Carlo Master Padel, the young Argentinean has just turned 16 years old and was the hostess of the best padel players of the world, working for the organization. Twelve months later she returns to Monaco as a player, wanting to enter in the elite of this sport.

“To participate at the backstage of a tournament of this level is a great experience that I will always remember, but nothing comparable to the possibility that I have this year to be among the 32 best couples of the Master”, says Delfina.

With barely 14 years, she began to participate in the professional circuit and in 2015 she finished as the couple nº 3 of her country playing the final of the Master. This season, before her trip to Europe, she participated in several tournaments reaching the semifinals.

Her goal is to play all World Padel Tour 2017. “It’s a different circuit and necessary to continue growing as a player. It is a huge step to compete against the best players in the world”, she says.

“Carrying a such a surname in the world of padel does not represent any weight for me. I feel like a motor. It’s clear that everything depends on me, what I can do within a court and I do not think I’m the daughter… I have not pressure for it.”

When referring to her current partner, Silvana Campus, Delfina says “it is a very great companion on and off the court. I emphasize her strength and her discipline to train every day, it gives me the motivation to see a player who has won so much. “

Delfina says not to be identified with any particular player, but points out Alejandra Salazar for her style of play and perseverance.

Finally she does not want to miss this opportunity to thank the treatment and concern from two major professionals from this sport: Gaby Reca and Cata Tenorio. “I am and will always be grateful to them for allowing me to participate in their workouts that are very hard, both mentally and physically.”

Silvana Campus: the return to the elite

For many years she was involved in the professional circuit here in Spain. Then she returned to her country, Argentina, where she currently holds the first place in the ranking. Now, Silvana Campus is undergoing a second stage among the best.

“I am very happy to return to play the professional circuit. This new stage of competing with the best in World Padel Tour has given me the desire to continue training and to improve every day”, she says.

Campus values and appreciates the great team they have, with Nito Brea and Gaby Reca, which “is even more motivating to go ahead because they make one feel good.”

When referring to the evolution of women in Padel she says that “undoubtedly in recent years feminin padel has grown a lot, and we have to play very tough matches from the previous phases. There is a high level and the players train more every day, so you have to be very physically fit to compete. “

Although it is not clear yet what she will do in the coming future, she explains that “my wish is to continue, it isa ll about making the decision and go for it.”

About her Young partner, Delfina Brea, she highlights “the desire and effort that she puts every day to train and to improve. She is a very good partner and despite the age difference we get along really well off the track, which is very important to me.”

Finally, she refers to the great opportunity that Monte-Carlo Padel Master represents for her. “Not everyone has that opportunity and I’m very excited to be there. I will try to make the most and give the best of me. “

Brea and Campus rush the last hours of training and prepare for their big match next Tuesday to try to qualify for the main draw.

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