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Reca-Pastor in the final phase of the French Padel Championship

ciprofloxacin interaction with grapefruit The participation of the players from the Monte-Carlo International Sports team, Fabrice Pastor and Gaby Reca, in the Interregional phase of the French Padel Championship, finished with two victories and one defeat, result that qualifies [...]

Reca-Pastor compete to pass to the final phase of the French Championship This weekend will take place the interregional qualifying phase for the French Padel Championship with the participation of Monte-Carlo International Sports players: Gaby Reca and Fabrice Pastor. After passing the regional phase of the Côte [...]

Juani Mieres wants to return to the top

source link Who used to be known as "The Prince" of the worldwide padel, after staying for six seasons as a member of the second best couple in the world, wants to return to the top. Juani [...]

Faith in the youth: Tello-Chingotto

ampicillin cost USA The Alicante Open meant a return to the victory of Belasteguín-Lima, but above all the confirmation that the youngest players are stomping. A year after their arrival to the professional circuit after winning the Fabrice [...]

Fabrice Pastor: Players have the future of the padel in their hands

source The CEO from Monte-Carlo International Spors, Fabrice Pastor, says that this year will be important to know in which direction padel goes and that the players are the ones who can decide in this way. [...]

The first Powers Cup in Tennis Padel Soleil Laurent Bensadoun and Jean-Marie Mariotti have won the first edition of the Powers Cup, a tournament that brought together businessmen and friends at the Tennis Padel Soleil club and that was attended by SAS the [...]

Pastor and Bardasco champions in Beausoleil The Monegasque Fabrice Pastor and the Spanish Andoni Bardasco were proclaimed champions of the Padel Open, approved by the French Tennis Federation (FFT) on the tracks of the Tennis Padel Soleil club, while the victory [...]

Presentation of “Padel Overcoming Team”

does grapefruit interfere with cipro The project "Padel Overcoming Team", born from the alliance between Monte-Carlo International Sports and Arena Entrena Padel, was presented this afternoon in Pamplona (Spain). Fabrice Pastor, CEO of Monte-Carlo International Sports, and José Luis Jiménez, founder and [...]

“The padel needs people madly in love with this sport”

does cipro interact with grapefruit Arena Entrena Padel and Monte-Carlo International Sports join forces to create two padel teams (men and women category), to win the Spanish Team Championship in 2017. The official presentation of this alliance will be held on [...]

Laurent Bensadoun, finalist at the France Padel Championship Laurent Bensadoun, member of the Monte-Carlo International Sports Team, completed an outstanding performance last weekend in Lille, so that he played the final of the II France Padel Championship with his teammate Maxime Moreau. They felt [...]

Monte-Carlo International Sports restructures its management team

enter Monte-Carlo International Sports restructures its management team. In this way, the sporting director Nito Brea, leaves the company and the direction of the Monte-Carlo Padel Master for personal reasons, to concentrate on his work commitments in [...]

New Padel Academy de Monte-Carlo International Sports One of the main purposes of Monte-Carlo International Sports is the training and the preparation of professional padel players. In this way, the company launches a new Academy of Padel in Madrid, which will work [...]

The best players from Fabrice Pastor Cup participate at the WPT in Sevilla

see According with one of the main objectives of the Fabrice Pastor Cup, two Brazilian and two Chilean couples have had the opportunity to play a tournament in the best professional padel circuit. Invited by Monte-Carlo International [...]

Campus-Brea upline

They are not usual partners in Argentinean tournaments, but Silvana Campus and Delfina Brea came together to jump into the World Padel Tour circuit. Both players, sponsored by Monte-Carlo International Sports, have now landed in [...]


For the first time, a delegation of Padel Tennis Club Soleil, sponsored by the Monte Carlo International Sports, participates in a tournament in Stockholm on the weekend of 9/10 April. Thus, players Gaby Reca, 18 [...]