Faith in the youth: Tello-Chingotto

Faith in the youth: Tello-Chingotto The Alicante Open meant a return to the victory of Belasteguín-Lima, but above all the confirmation that the youngest players are stomping. A year after their arrival to the professional circuit after winning the Fabrice Pastor Cup Argentina 2016, Federico Chingotto and Juan Tello already walk alone and are the great sensation of the season, having once again managed to be among the four best pairs of a tournament. watch The tournament in Alicante counted with seven of the 16 players of the Monte-Carlo International Sports (MCIS) team in the quarter-finals, 5 of the 8 in the semifinals and the “trio” in the big final: Fernando Belasteguín, Pablo Lima and Paquito Navarro. cost of bactrim NZ Also outstanding performance of the female pair of Monte-Carlo International Sports Team, Cata Tenorio and Marta Marrero, who fell in the final against the twins Sánchez Alayeto. source url But it is necessary to emphasize the great tournament of the majority of the young people of the MCIS Team. In the main panel there were up to five winners of the Fabrice Pastor Cup: the Argentines Chingotto, Tello and Stupaczuk, and the Brazilians Bergamini and Campagnolo.

order azithromycin UK online follow Tello-Chingotto continue to grow go Undoubtedly they are the couple of the season, as has been demonstrated in the semifinals of Alicante with the whole audience chanting their names after facing the leaders of padel worldwide. antibiotika för tänder Federico Chingotto and Juan Tello got in among the four best pairs of an Open for the second time this season, after beating two seeded heads (Cepero-Santana and Mieres-Lamperti). source link So, with nothing to lose, they planted themselves before Belasteguín and Lima in the central court and had them against the ropes. They got the first set by 6/3 and twice raised a 0-40 to the number 1. But the liveliness of Bela and the experience of the leaders was gradually punishing Tello and Chingotto who finally fall by an adjusted 6/4 in the third set. enter With these numbers and after a year of their arrival to the elite of the padel worldwide, Chingotto and Tello already look up, continue climbing positions and are not far from the top 20 of the ranking. With many tournaments still ahead, no one would be surprised to see them sneak into the grand final, the Masters tournament.

go buy cheap tetracycline online Campagnolo-Bergamini: positive union Among the other members of the MCIS Team, it is worth highlighting the spectacular tournament of the Brazilians Lucas Campagnolo and Lucas Bergamini (winners of the Fabrice Pastor Cup 2016 and 2017).
They rejoined their paths and the beginning could not be better. They started as the first seed of the pre-qualifying phase and reached the 8th final, where after six victories were eliminated by the third best pair in the world, Maxi Sánchez and Matías Díaz.
Campagnolo and Bergamini finished with the opportunities of another member of the team, Martín Di Nenno, who played with his compatriot Juan Manuel Restivo (champion of the Fabrice Pastor Cup Chile 2017).
For his part, the Chilean Javier Valdés and his teammate Rafa Méndez were classified again to the previous phase where they lost to Chico Gomes and Ernesto Moreno. Andrés Britos and Christian Fuster were also eliminated in the first match of the classification.
In short, a great performance of the majority of the members of the Team Monte Carlo International Sports that encourages to continue believing in the project.

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